Water is..
Our basic maker Ingredient

..Here we are: Art of

Taste, of flavors, of “Convivium”.

Art of Pizza

is   an   exclusive    Brand   Experience,
a culinary journey through is tasting.

Art of Pizza

born from the creativity of Giovanni Emanuele, who
offers  a  new   approach   in   the    Art      of     Baking
especially in that of Pizza. Such  approach   is   based
on  WATER ‘ s   dough.   Through    a  ”  5  generation ”
Instruments Giovanni Emanuele makes   the    water
particular and full of Energy thus creating a product
which is unique in its kind and so that  in   taste  too
matching uncommon ingredients as   flowers,   fruit
seaweed and using raw flours,   legume    meals,    oil
nectar, spices  from private   botanical   garden    and
highly selected products.
Thanks to the support of his skilled  Team,  Giovanni
Emanuele can  be     offer    to    you       an      exclusive
Experience, daily at..

Giovanni Emanuele in
his demonstration
at Jelmoli, Zurich.

Phylosophy and Thought

-Humans are different from all other   living   beings  because they can “create”.

“This is the reason why we are  still here thousands of generation  away,   to   give value  to  Art,  Philosophy   and    Science. Because we are the Heirs of  this  natural selection. Individuals and  Groups   most capable     of      developing    a     symbolic Universe    has       enjoyed        a        great evolutionary advantage and we are Their Descendants.”

(Guido Tonelli – CERN of Geneva)

Art of Pizza

is a Project aimed to restaurants,  hotels and Ho.re. ca companies   who  which  offer a highly sought after products, of  Exellence as well   as  cooperate  in   the  diffusion  of innovatice approach based on  the  awareness of Art in its full Essence and not just edible art.


Rue des Cordiers, 17
CH 1207-Genéve/Suisse